extrasensory perception

We are surrounded by forces that we cannot see.  Many of these forces have been discovered by science and used by modern technology.

I believe that “extrasensory” experience is rooted in undiscovered biological senses.  The remote knowledge that a loved one has suddenly passed away, for example, is explained by the sudden lack of an ever-present biological “ping”.

How does this mechanism work?  I suggest that we broadcast very low frequency electro-magnetic waves with specific, individualized encodings.  We also receive these waves.  We are particularly attuned to  the encodings that our loved ones broadcast.

What is the biological basis for this extrasensory radio?  I don’t know, but there is ample evidence that some form of long distance communication exists among humans and other creatures on this planet.  The source and encoding of these primal messages has yet to be discovered.  Logic dictates that some mechanism in our nervous system is the source of this “supernatural” mystery.


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